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OULI瓯力五金Plastic steel doors and windows are a new type of chemical building material. They are the fourth generation of energy-saving doors and windows after wooden doors and windows, steel doors and windows, and aluminum doors and windows. They are high-quality energy-saving products recommended by the Ministry of Construction. Plastic steel doors and windows are made of plastic profiles by cutting, installing reinforced steel, and then welding, and then installing sealing strips, wool strips, hardware and other accessories.

Because of its beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance, good water tightness and heat insulation, and easy maintenance, it is more and more popular. In recent years, the development momentum has been extremely rapid, but too fast development can easily make people ignore many hidden problems. In addition, the market is mixed, and there are all kinds of quality levels. Generally, customers do not know enough about their performance. They do not have any testing tools and are not familiar with their performance, especially when they do not have a grasp of how to identify the quality of plastic-steel doors and windows. Sometimes it is inevitable to be deceived. For this reason, the company provides customers with some simple methods on how to identify the quality of plastic steel doors and windows for reference when purchasing products.

one. Profile quality of plastic steel doors and windows

The appearance of the profiles should be observed, and attention should be paid to whether the frame and sash of the doors and windows are consistent in color, whether the appearance is uniform, and whether the cavity distribution is reasonable. Calcium carbonate is usually added as a filler material in the formula of plastic-steel door and window profiles. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers will become calcified plastic if they add too much. The surface of doors and windows made of this plastic lacks luster and is slightly rough. Hard and brittle, it looks like a rough feeling like a stone, normal plastic steel doors and windows, the surface is usually shiny and very tough.

Assembly bidirectional OL-CDQ-008

two. Door and window gaps and seals

Check whether the matching gap between the various profiles is tight, whether the incision at the matching position is flush, the height difference between the overlapping sections of the profiles, and so on. Generally, for plastic steel doors, the main parts to be considered are the gap between the door frame and the fan, the door panel beading and the edge of the door panel, the connection of various profiles of the shutters, the sealing strip, etc.; if it is an assembled door panel, also consider the gap between the door panels. Gap; it is for the flat door and whether the two doors are light-transmitting after they are closed. Similarly, for plastic-steel windows, in addition to the assembly gaps of various profiles to be assembled, it is also important whether the sealing strips are uniform and firm. The interface gap should not be greater than 1mm, which reflects the sealing performance of the window. The plastic steel door is usually used as the inner door of the building, and the sealing requirements are not so high. Various gap values are specified in national standards, but for customers, the smaller the gap value at the joints of various profiles, the tighter the fit and the more exquisite the assembly process, which reflects the assembly level and the accuracy of the assembly tools.

three. Welding of plastic steel doors and windows

It depends on whether the welding places are flush, whether there are cracks, and whether the inner and outer corner seams are clean and beautiful. Use a box ruler to measure the diagonal size of the plastic steel doors and windows. The difference in the diagonal size should not be greater than 3mm. The smaller the display, the finer the display process, which is also conducive to installation.

Four. Plastic steel doors and windows hardware accessories

The quality of door and window hardware accessories also has a certain impact on the life of doors and windows. The hardware used should look thick, and the surface gloss should be good, the protective layer should be dense, and there will be no scratches. The most important point is that the opening should be flexible. .

five. Reinforced steel for plastic steel doors and windows

According to the national standards, there are different requirements for the wind pressure resistance of plastic steel doors and windows. The frame of the plastic steel doors and windows and the inner cavity of the fan need to be equipped with reinforced steel. According to different heights, there are 1.2mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm of reinforced steel to ensure that Product robustness and longevity. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers do not install or install reinforced steel that does not meet the requirements. Customers should pay special attention when purchasing products. Usually, the inspection methods are as follows: 1. The weight method is used to estimate, that is, the weight of the doors and windows is weighed, and the doors and windows with reinforced steel are heavy, and vice versa. 2. Put magnets on the frames and fans of doors and windows. If the magnets are adsorbed, there will be reinforced steel in the profiles, and vice versa. 3. Observe whether there are screws for fastening section steel on the frame and fan of doors and windows, and it can also prove whether there is reinforced section steel.

In short, customers should be cautious when purchasing products, try to choose products from regular manufacturers, and strictly check to avoid being deceived.

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