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Investment policy

1. Requirements for joining distributors:

1) Good business ethics and team spirit; Strong management ability and brand awareness;

2) Have a certain financial strength and good credit; a natural or legal person with legal business qualifications;

3) Have a strong desire for success, professionalism and management awareness;

4) Agree with the operation and marketing philosophy of Ouli headquarters, abide by the operation and management regulations, and accept the guidance and supervision of the headquarters;

5) Those with hardware and industry experience have priority.

2. Dealer Policy:

The company implements the national unified retail price discount supply and settlement sales policy according to different dealer types

1) Sales support, such as advertising, order fairs, exhibition marketing, etc., will be delivered by the company according to specific market needs.

2) All sales support, the company cashes in the form of goods.

3. Dealer's annual sales target (annual minimum purchase amount guarantee):

The company sets the annual sales targets for various markets according to the sales potential of different types of markets as follows (Note: the start and end time of the year is one year from the date of signing the authorized dealer agreement) 1 million yuan/year for first-class cities, and second-class cities 500,000 yuan per year.

4. Regional market protection policies:

1. The company will give regional market protection to the dealers who decorate the store according to the company's requirements, and when the dealers do not sell the same products as the company's. Otherwise, the company has the right to develop a second or more reseller customers in the region.

2. For distributors who sell the company's products in the area authorized by the company, the company will give regional protection; for distributors who have cross-regional sales behavior, the company will not protect the regional market, and has the right to develop second and the negative market consequences are the responsibility of the distributor, and the company that causes serious consequences will pursue its legal responsibility.

Five, exchange policy:

1) The company will provide 5% replacement support for orders from dealers who have stock in stock;

2) For all replacements, the dealer must apply to the company for replacement within 10 days of arrival, otherwise it will be deemed that the dealer has no replacement requirements, and the company will not exchange the product;

3) All the goods for which the dealer has generated a return order do not enjoy the above exchange policy.

6. Payment and delivery time: When placing an order for the goods selected by the dealer, under normal circumstances, the company will deliver the goods on the third day when the company has stock; when the company has no stock, the delivery time is 7 days to 15 days. For unified management, the company will ship for each dealer and pay the corresponding freight (except for special requirements and special locations).

7. Copyright protection The company strictly requires distributors not to engage in any acts that infringe the company's product copyright and business information confidentiality. Otherwise, the company has the right to take but not limited to canceling any of the above policy support and distributing qualifications. In serious cases, the company will The parties shall be investigated for their legal responsibilities and economic losses.

8. The above policies will be implemented from the date of issuance, and the company is responsible for interpretation. If there are any changes, a separate notice will be issued. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit and inspect, see samples and order, OEM production; we will cooperate sincerely and operate with integrity!

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