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Structural Analysis of Folding Doors

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The folding door is mainly composed of a door frame, a door leaf, a transmission part, a rotating arm part, a transmission rod, an orientation device, etc. This door type can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Each door has four doors, two side doors and two middle doors.

The frame on one side of the side door leaf and the middle door leaf are connected by hinges. The upper and lower ends of the door stile on the other side of the side door leaf are respectively equipped with upper and lower rotating shafts. The rotating shaft is connected with the upper and lower rotating shaft seats of the door frames on both sides of the door. The middle door leaf is rotated to 90° together, so that the door leaf can be opened and closed. When the power is turned on, the arm part and the transmission part are installed at the end of the upper shaft, and the transmission part and the door opener are installed in the middle of the upper part of the door frame.

Orientation device is provided on the middle door leaf. After the operation of the door opener, the two gears of each part of the transmission part are driven to rotate, and the two racks that are engaged with it make a linear motion. Rotate and open the door electrically.

The middle dense seam of the two middle doors is equipped with a safety protection device, and it will return to the fully open state when it is closed when it encounters an obstacle, which is safe and reliable.

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